Mays 50 km Challenge

Thanks to all who took part in this – our 1st “virtual” challenge

We hope it got you out and discovering some great new rides where you live πŸ™‚

The results are here –

Challenge results

Hilly results

Flat results

This is a great 2 part challenge that will get your legs turning – while exploring the cycling potential of your local area.

The challenge is simply to complete 2 x 50 km rides in May –

  • One to include as much ascent as possible
  • One to be as flat as possible

Then deduct the heights from each other to get your score.

Chris did the challengeΒ  last week of April and his score is 897 m (977 m – 80 m )

Hope this inspires you to have a go – we will send a specially engraved Top Dog Events medal to whoever gets the highest score – along with a Top Dog Events car sticker for the most ascent and flattest ride.

event medals


We want to keep the challenge as simple as possible – but think the following will make it fair for all –

  • Both rides must start and finish at your home
  • UK routes only
  • Both routes to be ridden on separate days during May 2020
  • Send Strava results to us – before 1 June 2020 – we will compile a results list to be published once the challenge is over – as we would for an event
  • Please send BOTH Strava results together or at same time – along with your name
  • We will contact prize winners by e mail to get your postal address details
  • Same bit of road cannot be ridden in same direction more than once
  • No electric bikes
  • Rides must be between 48 and 52.5 km to count
  • Enjoy the rides