Team Top Dog

Join us for a special cycling adventure.

chris packman and lynn baines

We look forward to meeting you soon, and helping you to enjoy some of the very special places we get to ride on a weekly basis. 

Meet some the folk who will be keeping you safe and looking after you on your event –

Steve Beesley
Startline and Broom Wagon

Steve and Chris have shared many a long day out on their bikes over the years, and was the first person we asked to help us run our events.  Steve loves nothing better than riding any type of bike, exploring the Bowland fells on road bikes, the bridleways of The Lakes and Dales on mountain bikes or sharing big days out on the family tandem with his wife Emma.

On event days you will see Steve organising the start area, recording riders numbers and start times.  Once everyone is safely underway - Steve drives the main "Broom Wagon" around the long courses, to help anyone with mechanical issues, to either fix the problem or return folk back to event HQ.

Sophie Heath
Event helper + feedstations

Sophie is Chris's cousin, a fully qualified car mechanic and Black Belt in martial arts. She originally joined us to help with rider registration as rider numbers grew and with her partner Paul has become our feed station expert.

On event day - Sophie and Paul load up their car and head for the hills to set up and run a feed station half way around the days route.

Once all riders are safely through they return to event HQ to help ensure everyone gets a goody bag and heads home happy. 

Lynn Baines
Company Director - Safety Officer

Co director of Top Dog Events Limited, she is very busy working full time for the NHS, and making sure all our events are as safe possible for all involved.

Lynn helps to place signs around routes, and oversees all our 1st aid kits, checking risks assessments are thorough as well as preparing  all the post ride goody bags and organising all the drinks and snacks en route and post ride.

On event day - after getting up at daft o clock and driving around the entire short route, to ensure all signage is still in place, you may see Lynn marshalling out on the course, taking your photo, being an extra "Broom Wagon", and doing all she can at the finish to ensure our guests are happy and well looked after.

Bailey Baines
Company Logo

Our inspiration for setting up Top Dog Events is our dear departed boxer dog - Bailey.  She brightened up our lives for many years before we lost her to a wonky back end several years ago.

There was never a dull moment with"moo" around, she loved nothing better than long walks, chasing both real and imaginary squirrels, snoring, splashing in mud and water once she'd rearranged all the stones and sticks to their correct places.  She was a real princess who loved meeting people almost as much as rolling in dead things on the beach before cadging a lift home in our cars.


Chris Packman
Company Director - Event Organiser - British Cycling L2 Road & MTB Ride Leader - City & Guilds L2 Cycle Mechanic

Co director of Top Dog Events Limited, Chris splits his time between leading clients on outdoor adventure activities and organising the very best cycling events we can. 

His roles pre event include being event organiser, which involves weeks of planning, recceing, risk assessment, typing, meeting event partners, booking and briefing the team, marketing and ordering things like medals, souvenirs  and flyers - as well as spending the best part of the week before each event, driving around routes putting signs out, then retrieving them again. 

On event day - after getting up at daft o clock and driving around the entire long route, to ensure all signage is still in place, you will see Chris briefing riders at the start, marshalling out on the course, being a spare "Broom Wagon" around the routes, and once back at event HQ ensuring  our guests are back safe, happy and well looked after.

Chris Jones
Event helper + L1 British Cycling Road Ride Leader

Chris is another local rider and he gets out for a ride pretty well each and every day.

He often leads groups on rides around some of our favourite places and knows the roads and lanes in a large radius of Morecambe Bays like the back of his hand.

Chris's other area of expertise in using Social Media and been helping the company promote events and increasing their profile on various platforms.

On event days Chris assists participants safely park their vehicles and find their way to the start - before grabbing his own bike and enjoying the days route. 

Colin Woolford
Event HQ and co-ordinator + SMBL Off Road Ride Leader

Colin is a professional outdoor activity leader and is happiest floating in a canoe or climbing mountains throughout The Lakes, Dales, Lancashire and further afield.  He has recently become a qualified Mountain Bike leader and spends many hours exploring the bridleways and trails of the local area, Wales and Scotland.

Colin has a background in organising fell running events in the remote Pendle hills of Lancashire, and has proved to be a very reliable person to have running our event HQ and communications.  So on event days you will see Colin everywhere, ensuring everything runs smoothly, once riders are underway all communications go through Colin and none of the team stands down until he tells us that every rider is safely back.  

Rowan Wood
Event Photographer + Proffesional Sports Therapist

Rowan is not only a mad keen fell runner, qualified sports therapist, off road running coach and photographer, but also leads clients on long days exploring the remote areas of The Lakes, Dales and surrounding hills on foot as a UK Athletics Off Road Run Leader.

On event days you will see Rowan everywhere throughout the day, at HQ, the start, at the side of the road, feed station and at photogenic points along the various routes.  Post event - it is Rowans pictures that you can download from our Top Dog Events Facebook page, so give him a wave when you see him.

Paul Bickerton
Event helper and Feed Station

Paul is a keen mountain biker and professional car mechanic, he joined our team several seasons ago, with his partner Sophie, they are now our go to people to run our feed stations.  So well have they looked after the riders on previous events.  

On event days,  Paul and Sophie load up their car and head out to run the feed station half way round the  routes. 

Once all riders are fed and watered the pair will be back at HQ, ensuring everyone gets a their goody bags in the finish area.  

Tim Norton
Event Day Helper

Tim is another local rider who is to found all over the Lakes, Dales, Silverdale or Lancashire  spinning out the miles at every opportunity.

Regular trips all over the UK and Europe are enjoyed by Tim and his wife several times a year - getting away and using their beloved camper van as their transport and base camp.

On event day you are most likely to see Tim helping at the start of the day, marshalling out around the course, taking photos or riding at the back of the pack acting as our "tail end Charlie". An invaluable role as all the team out around the route know that all participants have gone past them once Tim arrives. 

Sue Roberts
Event Day Helper

Sue lives locally and has been riding all sorts of bikes since childhood.

She recently completed a break of several years from owning a car - opting to use pedal power instead - an awesome achievement considering that she lives in a small and remote hamlet in the middle of Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Lately Sue has become an Electric Bike owner, and can often be found cruising the lanes towing a trailer containing either a weeks shopping or a pair of wet and muddy dogs.

On event days Sue often runs the finish area - taking riders numbers for the timing and dishing out well earned goody bags.