Terms and Conditions

Please be aware of the following terms and conditions prior to entering any event run and organised by Top Dog Events Limited – 

By paying your booking fee your are declaring your fitness and ability to take part in the event you have selected at the time of booking.

You are bound to declare any health or medical issues that may affect your ability to participate at registration on the morning of the event via the registration form or @ registration.

Should the event be cancelled for reasons beyond our control (recognised by the insurance company), for safety reasons, equipment or supplier failure or major incidents –

  • we will notify you as soon as we can
  • you will be contacted by – Event Protect. – to arrange the full re fund of your entry fee’s

You are fully responsible for your own safety during the event and are bound to abide by the Highway and Country Codes, follow any instructions from traffic signs, traffic lights, event signage, marshal’s, highway authorities or Police and be respectful to all other road users  – Top Dog Events and its representatives accept no liability for any injuries sustained due to your participation on an event.

You are fully responsible for your own health and well being before, during and after the event – ensuring that you carry and administer any personal medication required such as Asthma inhalers, sun block etc.  Also you must carry enough fluids and food to sustain yourself throughout your event while topping up with fluids and snacks provided at regular feed stations.

You are fully responsible for all your belongings and equipment before, during and after the event – Top Dog Events Limited and its representatives accept no liability for any losses or damage sustained due to your participation on an event.

You are fully responsible  for navigating your way around your selected route on the event, while signage and marshals will be placed at key points throughout the route, you must pay attention to their directions and if you are unsure of your whereabouts – ring the event HQ number on the back of your event number for assistance.

You are fully responsible for the condition of your equipment before, during  and after the events, running shoes should be in good condition and appropriate for the terrain, bikes must be roadworthy, recognised cycling helmets  must be worn along with suitable riding or running clothing for the expected conditions on event day.

Equipment will be inspected by qualified activity leaders and mechanics – Top Dog Events Limited and its representatives reserve the right to refuse participation in the event by anyone felt to be a safety concern to themselves, event staff, other participants or road users.

Tri  bars must be removed from handlebars before taking part in any of Top Dog Limited’s cycling events – this is by order of British Cycling (who oversee and insure all our cycling events and activities)

Benefits such as free swims, massages and goody bags are for finishers only – anyone withdrawing from the event or not completing their chosen route under their own steam will not be entitled  to benefits or goody bags.

The minimum age to take part in our cycling events is 12 – these are British Cycling’s rules – who insure our events and who’s guidelines we follow

Cyclists who are under 18 s are welcome to take part as long as a British Cycling parental consent form is signed on event day (available @ event registration).