Cycling Food

Pre ride – post ride – during rides – rest and recovery – food and drink is vital for providing the fuel to power through and then recover from your cycling exertions.

plant based cycling

Putting some fuel in the form of carbohydrates into your bodies tank before cycling will help to keep the pedals turning throughout your ride or event.

Pre ride food ideas

Carrying a few quick acting power snacks in your jersey pockets will give your hard working muscles the fuel they need to complete your ride in good style.

Ideas for food to carry

Eating appropriate amounts of the right food immediately after your exertions, will provide your body with the building blocks to rebuild and revitalise tried muscles, and refill your fuel tank ready to go again.

Quick post ride snacks

Enjoying a healthy and nutritious evening dinner will both continue the recovery process from your days adventures while also preparing you to go again or rest the following day.

Ideas for amazing dinners

Don t forget that quality rest days and sleep are also vital to progressing in your chosen sports – this lets the body recover from the hard training hours you put in – so you are fully energised to get out there again once riding / training resumes.  Fuel is not so important on these recovery days – whereas muscle building proteins are crucial.

Rest day meals

Cycling (or any exercise) is only half the story – providing your body with freshly cooked, healthy, nutritious food and drinks – is just as important as the miles you ride, and can be a secret weapon in taking your chosen sport to the next level.

It is a subject that fascinates us at Top Dog Events and we would like to start sharing some of the great food and techniques we have found help to us enjoy our cycling and continued good health (Chris will basically add a picture and recipe of a couple of the meals and snacks we are enjoying every week).

*Chris and Lynn have been eating a varied and healthy plant based diet for 10+ years and are thriving on it.  Try some of these amazing recipes  – some replace meaty favourites, while some are purely plant based meals and treats, that we know will fuel your activities and recovery as well as they do ours*