Maintaining your own bike is very satisfying, saves money, prolongs its life and ensures it is both reliable and efficient when you ride it, saving you effort as well as a ride in the broom wagon.

bike tools
As the owners of 9 bikes of various sorts, we have had to learn over the years ,  by attending training courses as well as some trial and error, to service and maintain the bikes we rely on.

This involves cleaning them after every ride, on and off road (most of our bikes live in our house) replacing worn parts, adjusting things to run smoothly, regular checking and servicing them and the host of jobs that keep us riding round the places we love.

Getting to know your bike and how it all works is also vital should something go wrong on a ride – carrying some basic tools and spares – and knowing what to do with them – can avert disaster and get you under way as quickly as possible.

*At Top Dog Events we love looking after our little fleet of bikes almost as much as we do riding them – so we would like to start sharing some of the basic maintenance tips we have learned over the years*